January 31, 2010

Random Thoughts

I thought I'd do something different today -- just some short thoughts that have been running through my head, rather than one "big" subject. (Thanks to Airman Mom for the idea!)
  • Is it spring yet??!! Geez, I'm tired of snow already. Okay, the 22" in December, right before Christmas, was nice and very seasonal. But the storm that hit yesterday was enough already! All week the weathermen were saying that we'd only get a dusting...well, 5"+ is one heck of a dusting! Of course, I was downtown doing a shift at the Library of Congress when it hit and had to drive a long ways home in that mess!
  • Where do people get their drivers licenses these days? Are they being sold at Sears? While driving home in that mess of snow and slush yesterday, I was passed by 4-wheel-drive vehicles doing at least 50-55 even though the roads were covered with slush and very slippery. Yes, I understand that they can do it with their 4WD running, but that doesn't mean that they should! The 4WD won't stop them from sliding on the ice or slush and running into someone....probably me!
  • Okay, enough griping! I'm a "glass is 1/2 full" kind of person, so I need to be positive. I gave two tours at the Library of Congress yesterday morning and totally enjoyed it! It was my first time doing it on a Saturday. I didn't expect there would be very many people because of the weather, but the die-hard tourists still came out to see it. We had over 30 people in one group and 40 in the next. There were three of us docents working, so we were able to split the groups. Every tour I do gets a little bit easier and better. If I could just remember the order of those darn Putti going up the staircases in the Great Hall. (Don't know what a Putti is? Either Google it or come down to LOC and take a tour!)
  • I spent a good part of this afternoon in a pool hall with Paul and some friends celebrating his birthday. Lots of fun! I got hugs from all his friends -- they're all so sweet. I'm so glad he has made so many new friends through work and that they all like to socialize outside of the office, too.
  • Only 6 weeks until my tour season starts up again! Hooray! I really am anxious to get started again. I miss being on a busy schedule, although I'm sure that sounds a little crazy. By the time I get to mid-May, I'm sure I'll be wishing for the season to end so I can get some rest. You know what they say about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence. I do miss the interaction with the people, though, and the chance to share our beautiful Nation's Capital with them. Soon it will be time for me to start brushing up on my facts and figures again.
  • I can't believe I've actually been retired for three years already! Wow! And I'm getting ready to start my 4th season as a DC Tour Guide. Funny, though -- I still feel like a rookie, especially compared to some of the guides I know who've been doing this for 15-20 years or more!
  • With tour season just around the corner, I really need to dedicate myself to getting my apartment in order....going through piles of papers and getting rid of trash, filing things away, hanging pictures, taking some new pictures to be framed. The list goes on and on. Why is it so easy for me to ignore these things and so hard to get motivated to complete them? I want to spend time working on my scrapbooking while I still have the time to do it, but feel guilty about working on a fun project when there's so much "un-fun" things to be done.

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  1. ahhhhh...Phil says "Six more weeks of winter". Yep, direct quote from a rodent of sorts.
    Time has flown by, fourth year of tour-guiding...my, oh my! I am so happy for you, you are where you are meant to be!
    Stay warm and let's do a girl's matinee afternoon SOON!