June 16, 2012

There's one more thing I forgot to include in my last post, but was reminded of it when I rode on the Metro Thursday and Friday...

Why is it that so many people totally ignore the rule that says no eating or drinking on the Metro?  (For those of you not in the DC area, that's the name of our subway system.)  This was such a beautiful system when it first opened, but it's been totally trashed by people eating, drinking and chewing gum!  I've seen it all in the past six years of tour guiding -- from people drinking water to those eating an entire meal on the train!  Yes, I actually saw a woman eat her whole dinner while riding the subway.  No wonder the train cars are such a mess!  Yesterday, I was riding up the escalator to the train platform in the morning and a woman ahead of me was carrying a large iced coffee (full) in her hand to consume while riding!  Unbelievable!

Once again, it comes down to that little, but powerful word:  RESPECT!  Respect for the rules.  Respect for other people.  Respect for the trains and the people who have to clean them.  Don't look right at the sign that says "NO FOOD OR DRINKS" and totally ignore it!  ARGH!!!

Here's another one....I took my group yesterday to Arlington National Cemetery.  I spend a lot of time talking to them about this hallowed ground and how we must behave in a respectful manner.  I also tell them there is no food, drink (other than water) or chewing gum allowed.  I remind them again when we've gone through the Visitors Center that they must get rid of gum....and then, again, as we start our walk and pass a trash can.  So why is it that just before we went to the Changing of the Guard Ceremony I found one of the girls chomping on gum right in front of me?  I called her out on it -- you bet I did!  I looked her right in the eye and said "Why are you chewing gum when I've already told you three times to get rid of it?"  She was totally embarrased.  GOOD!  It makes me wonder what she's being taught at home...that rules are for everyone else?  Yes, I know that part of this is just being a teenager, but I don't care how old you are -- if you're told a rule, just follow it.

Well, my frustration should subside for a little while.  I finished my final tour of the season yesterday evening.  It was a great season with lots of wonderful students and adults (and a few clunkers thrown in here and there).  I enjoyed it, but have to admit that I'm glad it's over.  There are so many other things going on in my life that I want to concentrate on.  Come back and visit again and you'll see what I'm talking about! 

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